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4 week Project


This our Twilight Script as a (Group)

Visual analysis- Think that if we can we should try and use the same colours and tones that they do in twilight- the kind of bluey grey washed out colour.
Narrative- The script I’ve written has the narrative arc that young will was on about today.
Think this works well, for portraying gender issues age issues, helps fit the teen comedy genre as it deals with sex and has obvious physical and jokey sex comedy etc.

Picked up a wig today as you guys can see on my dodgy pic on Facebook, tempted to pick up some bushy white eyebrows as well tomorrow from town. How shall we draw the wrinkles on??? I also have at mine loads of clothes that would suit the old man look.
Not sure what to do with Bella’s look, maybe jeans and a vest top or hoody??? With the room I’ve got for Bella’s room its kind of girly with orange wallpaper and stuff, should we make it stay girly or mix it up with some boyish posters etc. Also at the moment it’s used as a bit of a ‘gym’ space, should we leave some weights in to show Bella’s boyish side???


-Open on Bella sat on her bed (either reading or on the phone or asleep). Sound starts of scrambling/struggling. Camera cuts or pans to window as sound of Edward struggling to climb through, the a walking stick gets thrown in to the room, then something gets knocked off the window sill on to the floor. Cut back to Bella who sits up and looks weirdly at the window. Camera back to window as Edwards out of breath head appears and he climbs through, falling into the room.
“What the fuck. About time you got here”
“I’m sorry. Its not exactly easy for me ya know.”
“No excuses, get you arse over here”
-Pats the side of the bed next to her.
“I want to get my lay on”
-He picks up the walking stick and hobbles over to the bed
‘How are you Hun, I’ve missed you”
“Yeah, I’m ok, been down the pub for a few, you look so pretty tonight luv.”
-Her hand starts stroking his back sensually.
“ So you gonna give me some of that sweet ass then”
Edward –
“You’re very forward you know that don’t you”
“ I’m just horny and know what I like. So we going to do this or am I going to have to tell everyone how much of a prude you are.’
“Ok, but I hope you don’t just see me as a piece of meat”
“ Course not babe, your much more than that to me”

-As they’re both facing the same direction she rolls her eyes, cutting short as Edward turns to look at her she stops. They both lean in to kiss each other and head-butt.
“ Think we need more practise at this, speaking of which.”
-Bella grabs hold of Edward and pulls him down on to the bed and rolls him over, as they start to kiss, she gets dominant rolling him over, her hand holding is wrist by his head etc. after a few moments…
“Stop! I can’t do this!”
-Edward pushes himself away from Bella and gets up.
Bella –
“What the fuck dude? You come round here and then do this, what you blue balling me for?”
“ I can’t do this, it’s not working”
“ What you mean it’s not working, what’s wrong with me?”
“ No, no, this is working! It’s just this isn’t working!”
-Edward tilts his head to the side and nods at his crotch as he thrusts it forward.
“oh. OHH! . What why not, I thought you were into me!”
“ I am, I swear, it’s just. It’s just that you know, when you get this age some things start to not work on there own, and I don’t have anything with me to help me rise to the occasion!
Bella- (under her breath)
“That’s ok, come here, come to me”
-Bella pats the spot on the bed next to her again whilst lifting back the covers for Edward to get in. as he does she kisses his head.
-Montage of them on the bed.
*Edward lying in Bella’s arms leaning into his chest.
* Her tucking him in with a hot water bottle.
*etc. etc.

Reaction of Twilight

When I found out that I was going to study Twilight for my module, my response was literally Oh no, because it’s not a film I was looking forward to be studying because its all about teenage vampire romance, which I strongly do not like. At first when I watched the film, I thought it was interesting, but when I watched it during the screening section I was sleeping as I had watched it before. Comparing twilight to the films I have watched, I would say it’s not my kind of style.
I like the movie, though I think I would have liked it more if I had read the book because Its more detailed, I thought the casting was incredible, there’s nothing wrong I can really point out.

Others Reactions

I was on the edge of my seat I wanted to see the next movie straight after –Friend

Its rubbish because how can a human being fall in love with a vampire – Brother