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I struggled to find out what type of logo I should do, it took me some time to figure out what sort of style and how will it stand out to my audience? I therefore asked  my colleagues what sort of logos do they think would be  outstanding  to the audience including them, some of them said it would  be nice if you have a simple Logo, graphical (3D). I also researched on these websites http://justcreative.com/2009/07/27/what-makes-a-good-logo/, http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2012/11/what-makes-a-good-logo-designer/ after I researched I had two options too choose from either Simple or Memorable Logo. I therefore decide to make my Logo a Simple seen Logo, I thought my ideas through and I figured it would also be memorable, if it does not have too much photoshoped stuff.



















Firstly I had to decided what name I should use for my logo, I realized that some companies use their name like (WarnerBros) and (Tyler Perry Studio), I also decided to use my name and surname Letters which are the first letters of my initials, so my logo idea was to use M&M, I believe my initials will be an impact on other people’s live, because I will be producing film that are very touching and it could change people’s behaviors.


The logo was created through Photoshop Cs6.  I tried different formats for my as you can see the above pictures, I did that until I found the right font I thought would be eye catching for my audiences, the font name is (Cracked). I think the font is great for my productions, it’s just simple, the color I used is poppy red, which I think is very noticeable to people, it’s easier to read for old age and youngster who are unable to read properly, this is targeted to both female and male audience.



Overall I think my logo is a simple and recognizable one, I think it’s an appealing logo to my audiences as it stands out, especial the font makes it look like that and the fact that the back ground is plain pure white, I   also had an opportunity to ask my friends of the outcome they gave good feedback that it stands out, it hasn’t got too much writing nor pictures, just the couloir it self is accompling, though some said it would have been nice if it had pictures or if I had drawn something around it not be recognized with just the font writing. If I had to change my logo I would exactly what my friends told me to do, to make it more appealing to my audiences.







 Internet presence


Social networking is growing rapidly also it is very profitable at the moment the whole world is involved in social networking. I think it is important to stay positive on the social networks so companies can be able to view what kind of a person you are and how well they think you are to work with them, so I have been going through some sites to open new ones so I have my own professional social networks and personal life, so far I have managed to privatize my Facebook and twitter sites, my logo will be the cover of my sites, this would make it recognizable to people and it will set what sort of standard I am in.



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